2012 Melges 24 Class Rules Published By ISAF

ISAF has today approved the final 2012 changes to the Melges 24 Class Rules and has published a new edition of the Melges 24 Class Rule Book which comes into effect immediately.
Please note the changes to the class rules for 2012 are as follows:-
C.2.2 WEIGHTS – The total weight of the crew dressed in underwear – Minimim -kg, Maximum 375kg. At official International Melges 24 Class events as decreed by
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the International Melges 24 Class Association this rule shall be administered as per H.3.

H.3 Crews shall be weighed during the registration period prior to racing. During the event, Crews will be selected at random to be reweighed. Such re weighting shall be done on the same scale and at the same place and within one (1) hour of the boat’s return to the dock. Should a boat be found to exceed the maximum weight, she will be penalized by adding one point for each race of the day to her final total score – after discards – of the regatta for every kilogram over the limit. A boat found over the weight limit shall not continue racing until she complies with the class rule. Re-weighing under this situation shall be at the discretion of the Race Committee.
Note – Official International Melges 24 Class Events as decreed by the IMCA for the purpose of Class Rule 2.2. will be:
World and Continental Championships
World and Continental Ranking Events
Regional Championships
National Championships
Regional and National Ranking Events (including but not limited to the Baltic Ranking, US California Cup Series, Italian Volvo Cup Series, etc)
C.7.2 FITTINGS (a) USE (1) The rear gate line across the transom shall be closed whilst racing. It shall be in one continuous piece, fixed using shackles of optional
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design. The deflection at the centre when measured from a straight line between the attachment points shall not be more than 100mm.

G4 HEADSAILG.4.2 (i) The jib may be fitted with a zip luff designed to enclose the forestay, jib halyard and any purchase system used. The zip shall not be used as a device to alter the sail shape
C.4.1 LIMITATIONS Advertising shall only be displayed in accordance the ISAF Advertising Code. (See ISAF Regulation 20). Subject to the limitations of Regulation 20,advertising chosen by the person in charge may be displayed.
Please note that these changes come into effect immediately.

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